Healthy Share partnered with Sharing Our Roots to create Rice County Eats, a
means of using local food to fight local hunger. Every 10 new Healthy Share
subscribers funds deliveries to a local food-insecure family, as well. You can
have a positive impact in the community just by buying great-tasting, locally
grown food!

That's also true in regard to jobs created at Healthy Share, which is committed
to a $15 an hour minimum wage. And Healthy Share is proud to consider our
workers employees, rather than short-change them by claiming they're
independent contractors, as many gig economy companies do.

Healthy Share GBC is a "general benefit corporation," meaning it
was organized to positively impact society, the environment and future
generations. It does that by committing to living wages and equitable prices
for farmers, and by decreasing the environmental impact of food production and

Healthy Share is not just good for you ... it's good for all.