Every five years, the latest medical and scientific research on healthy
eating patterns is incorporated into the national Dietary Guidelines.

The guidelines recommend a diet with a wide variety of fruits and
vegetables. Every week, Healthy Share brings you 2-3 kinds of fruit and 4-6
kinds of vegetables from four different vegetable sub-groups, providing the
variety recommended for a healthy diet.

The best part is, they're all foods you like! When you join Healthy Share,
you fill out two short surveys. The first tells us which foods you love. (So we
can get them for you more often!) The second survey tells us which foods you
don't want, so you won't get foods you can't eat.

Nearly 70% of our food is locally grown and ultra-fresh, meaning it's still
nutrient-rich when you get it. And it's all either certified organic or grown

If you love eating fresh fruit and vegetables, Healthy Share is just what
you want. If you need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, Healthy
Share may be what you need. Subscribers typically say they're eating
more healthy food after joining Healthy Share.